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Our Mission
  • Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Neck & Low Back Pain, Headaches, Disc Problems, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arm & Leg Pain/Numbness, Stress, Joint Pain, Sore Muscles, Auto & Sports Injuries.

  • Health Classes

  • Health Recovery Instruction

  • Exercise Instruction

  • Nutritional Advisement

  • Weight Loss Programs

  • Natural Pain Management Services

  • Physical Well-Being

  • ​Rehabilitation Services

  • ​Saliva Testing for Hormones

  • Emergency Services

  • Family Care

  • General Wellness

  • KinesioTaping

  • Essential Oil Therapy

  • Essential Oil Informative Classes

  • Massage Therapy

  • X-Ray On Site

  • Webster Breech Certified                    (To Safely Turn Breech Babies)

  • Lodholz Technique  (Soft Thorough Pressure Release) 

We are committed to alleviating pain and restoring your body to optimal health and function.  We identify your problem, eliminate your pain, help heal the injury and foster growth towards pure optimal health.  Our goal is to inspire, teach and help you.  Optimal health is achieved by beginning with the internal, and moving along to the external.  It is

about balancing, connecting, and realigning your very own heart, mind, body, and soul by relieving nerve pressure, eating healthy, exercising correctly, and resting properly.  We utilize state of the art science, along with thousands of years old treatment methods that make you feel better, and make your life better naturally.   At Health Link, we like to go above and beyond the basics, promoting general health and wellness through stretching, massage, exercise, essential oils, health classes and more. 




Our Facility

Dr. Waring's Health Link Center is a chiropractic clinic, conveniently located for more than 27 years, in Sterling Heights, MI at Dequindre and 16 Mile Roads.  Dr. Waring has state of the art equipment and massage tables to treat most any problem a patient may have.  He uses the latest stimulation equipment, electronic massages and patented techniques that bring pain relief and better health to all who visit the center. 














Dr. David Waring, D.C.


Dr. David A. Waring, D.C. is a long time Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and owner of the Health Link Center.  After attending Park University for pre-medical requirements, in 1994 he graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City, MO.  After a severe low back disc injury while weight training in his teens, he sought out chiropractic care following the advice of a friend.  Chiropractic helped his body heal the disc injury without drugs or surgery!  At that point Dr. Waring knew he wanted to help others the way he was helped.  Known as the "Gym Chiropractor," Dr. Waring is a former nationally qualifying state bodybuilding champion, personal trainer, and a guru on health, nutrition, exercise, fitness and better living.  Dr. Dave treats many young athletes, amateur athletes and even professional athletes.   Dr. Waring has also been recognized as one of Metro Detroit's Top Chiropractors by HOUR magazine.  Dr. Waring is married to his beautiful wife Holly, who teaches at a local elementary school, and has two wonderful children, Taylor and Michael.  Dr. Waring attends church regularly, and enjoys reading, sports, research, travel, family and friends.

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